Will you be Healthy at 100?

by Julie on February 10, 2010

Do you wonder if you’ll make it to 100 and if so what will your quality of life be like?  I often do and I now know that it is absolutely possible if you lead a healthy diet and lifestyle and perhaps choose your risks accordingly! (I personally wouldn’t sky jump for this reason).  This book “Healthy at 100” is my affirmation that it is possible and I am devouring it right now- see the sticky notes!  In a nut shell John Robbins (Also author of “Diet for a New America”) shares research of four very different cultures where some of the world’s healthiest, oldest people live to be 100-120yrs old.  Robbins reveals their secrets for living an extended and fulfilling life.  These elders are wise, vibrant and healthy, often out on the soccer field, not just watching the center field but playing this position!  Thru analyzing these cultures it is apparent that the common threads are diet, exercise and surprisingly healthy personal relationships.  Their diets are comprised of real food, period.   Processed food is virtually non-existent, save for some soybean curd or rather tofu.

I would have to say that many of the people that I know that are in their 60’s even those in their 50’s are not old, they are just unhealthy.  They are winding down their lives by retiring and walking around with aches and pains and arthritis and what not- and they blame it all on old age, even diminishing eyesight.  It’s what we’ve been conditioned to believe and yet it is not the case in these 4 cultures examined within this book.  Most of the world’s population is unhealthy and yet we know it doesn’t have to be this way if one chooses otherwise.  With the wealth of knowledge at our fingertips thru incredible research, authors and the internet as our library there is no reason for us not to be aware of how to live a healthier lifestyle.  So why don’t we live a healthier lifestyle is the question?

You would think it would be so simple to just eat your veggies and fruits, but we have swayed so far from our natural ability to be healthy that it’s a long way back to where we should be.  From what’s actually readily available to eat that is easy and tempting (fast foods), to what we believe to be a healthy diet including the food guides that are completely unbalanced and to the addictions that many have to the processed foods they think are pretty good choices it’s a sea of bad, bad food options.  It’s an enormous problem this food thing.  So much so that it is often overwhelming to think about it and how to help that I find it difficult to shop in conventional grocery stores and witness the heaping shopping carts full of all the wrong food choices being pushed down the aisle by an unhealthy looking shopper.  I just want to help them because they don’t realize the implications of that heaping shopping cart and the potential for disease that will plague them just by eating their poor grocery choices.  Add to that the stress of their everyday lives which most of us are burdened with and it’s a ticking time bomb for disease.

So here I sit, making my contribution to further enlighten anyone who is considering extending their life whom I hope will too share with others and spread the word that we really can live to be healthy at 100!  Thanks to John Robbins for your wonderful contribution to educating and inspiring the worlds population with the wisdoms of our healthy elders.

Although this book doesn’t discuss the alkaline diet guidelines, it is revealed that the diets of these cultures have an intricate balance of nutrition that is completely missing in the diets of most of the worlds population.  Naturally following plant based diets, with very limited amounts of animal proteins and ample minerals, & omegas these folks are living proof that food does make a difference.  Add to that their spiritual & mental health and exercise, you too could live to be 100 or even 120!

Order your copy right here and check out John’s website.

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