Savoy Cabbage Slaw w/ Papaya & Pomegranate-TV Segment & Interview

by Julie on January 28, 2012

Many people crave comfort food in the mid of winter-is this you?? I do too, once in a while when it’s blustery out but lately, I’ve been craving more tropical flavours that take me to far off warmer climates-in my mind!  I’d love to be joining my girlfriend Karen Elgersma & her family on her trip to Mexico this week but I am still a student enrolled in classes for a while yet!  Instead, I can replay the fun we had together just a couple weeks ago when we did this TV Segment for Shaw TV’s The Daily Show on how to make the tastiest green smoothie!  I know you’d enjoy peeking at it if you are a smoothie drinker or a wanna be smoothie drinker!  It’s only 3 minutes long and she did a wonderful job editing our 2 hour taping down to a nicely condensed version.  It’s my first debut on TV as the Alkaline Sister! YaY!

In the meantime I think I’ll just keep pretending I’m somewhere hot with this delicious coleslaw laced with papaya and pomegranate to get me thru some of the dreary rainy days predicted for this upcoming week-eek!  How’s the weather in your area? If it’s sunny, please send some our way!  If you are in Australia, then enjoy this salad under the warmth of the sun and let me know how you liked it, but don’t tell me how hot it is there!

I also love this salad because it is so colourful in the mid of winter.  I love how pretty it looks even with out the fancy hot pink watermelon radish (that I can’t get enough of these days).  Don’t worry if you can’t find it cuz it’s really just a bonus for the colour of this dish but not necessary for the flavour of the dish.

I also love to add raw macadamia nuts to this dish as you can see in this food mood board above.  However, they can be pricey and you just may not be in the mood for them so they can be an optional item, but they do add a really nice crunch.  Just in case you were wondering, they are not in the photo of the salad cuz I plum forgot when I was shooting the plated dish to top the salad with them!  Sometimes I am battling the eventual disappearance of the sun, running out of good daylight to capture the image for you thus the scramble begins and things get forgotten.  The mood board shows what the salad is comprised of, minus a couple items for the dressing.  I was inspired to recreate this salad after feasting on the original version of this from Yotam Ottolenghi’s ‘Plenty’ cook book that was made by a friend.  It was so delicious that I made it the very next day and the next!  However, in my desire to simplify the recipe and tweak it slightly to lean in a more healthy direction I came up with this version.  The original has candied macadamias and mango as well and a dressing of reduced lime juice.   I eliminated the candied part to reduce the sugar, decided to keep the lime juice raw and the mango was eliminated as I wanted to improve the digestion of the salad which means not combining fruit with veggies.  However, with a small amount of papaya which has high enzymatic qualities that help with breaking down foods, I decided it was okay to still incorporate it, but in a very small amount and I added a wee bit of pomegranate for a juicy crunch. Just promise me you’ll chew your food well to digest it effectively!

As far as food combining is concerned I think it is quite important but I am more relaxed about it when we I am combining lots of raw veggies with a wee bit of raw fruit as it is hardly bothersome for most people especially if you chew your food well and yet not even close to being as detrimental as having meat and potatoes!  But on the most part if you fancy some papaya or mango or any other fruit in excess of a about a half cup, it’s most ideal to consume this about 30-60 mins before other meals and only after a meal if you’ve had a vegetable salad that also processes quickly.  The problem being, that animal protein is the slowest food to digest and it will ferment with fruit or digest even slower with carbs piled on top, as well as making it near impossible to absorb the nutrient content of any of the food you’ve just eaten.  If you consume your fruit first, it paves the way for other foods with it’s enzyme content, as it is the quickest food to digest and it will be long gone by the time you have another meal.  Does this all make sense? I know it sounds crazy to have to pay attention to the rules of food combining but if you do, you may find that after meals you feel lighter, more energized and your digestion doesn’t give you a bubbly or crampy feeling.  I’ve been combining like this for years now and the only times I really get indigestion is when I don’t combine properly.  I might add, that some folks do find that they need to be quite strict and only eat fruit alone, since their system is a little more sensitive.  In this case, the recipe can be altered to include some grated carrot or grated yam (thanx to a reader, Anne, for this idea) to provide some sweetness and colour and it will still be deelish!  For more info you might like this really cute food combining chart that Jessica in my nutrition class tracked down for us!

As for this tropical inspired recipe, I’ve served it a number of times, as is, to audiences that raved, so I thought I had better share, right? So here you have it!

Savoy Cabbage Slaw w/ Papaya & Pomegranate
Yield: 4 med sized servings or two really large ones (double recipe for a crowd)
organic produce is recommended
3 cups savoy cabbage, finely shredded
2 cups red cabbage, finely shredded
1 cup jicama, julienne sliced
1 cup papaya, julienne sliced
1 cup pomegranate seeds
1 cup raw macadamia nuts, either whole or roughly chopped
4 tbsp lime juice
finely grated zest of one half lime
3 tbsp cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, organic preferrably
1 1/2 tbsp maple syrup
pinch sea salt
1 watermelon radish, julienne cut, optional as garnish
Finely shred cabbages with a sharp knife or a food processor and toss together in large bowl.  Julienne (slice in thin slivers) the jicama and the papaya and set aside.  Combine lime juice, lime zest, olive oil, maple syrup and sea salt and wisk well to combine.  Toss cabbage with dressing, adding the jicama slivers,  then carefully folding in the papaya & the pomegranate seeds so as not to crush them.  Garnish with watermelon radish and macadamia nuts. Enjoy!

This is a wonderful recipe for a crowd as you can make an enormous bowl of it by doubling the recipe and it almost always gets eaten up.  I have had the left overs the next day when there’s been some, it’s still tasty but it’s not nearly as crunchee.  So remember, if you don’t think the whole lot will be consumed don’t toss it all with the dressing, just toss 1/2 and then toss more if needed.   During the week, it’s also handy to  have the cabbage & jicama shredded in the fridge as they keep well for a few days and then just add the papaya & pomegranate and the dressing which will also keep 2-3 days.

Recently, I was kindly asked to share some answers in an interview led by Linda over at her lovely blog,  stuff I like.  If you’d like to learn a little bit more about me and take a peek at a lovely site, skip over there for a few minutes! A big thank you to Linda for taking the time to share what I am so passionate about with her readers:)

School has been going well but it is certainly ramping up with the subjects becoming even more interesting to learn and more intense in their content and intricate detail especially the current Anatomy and Physiology course and our upcoming Herb Class that begins Monday.  We just wrapped up Preventive Health Care which was an exploration of most major diseases and ailments, how they are addressed with pharmaceuticals and what can be used in place of or along side with protocols to slowly decrease the need for many medications from aspirin to depression drugs!  We learned about many, many supplements and herbs that can prevent symptoms from progressing and will slow the the stages of disease optimally leading to a reversal or elimination of the disease altogether, combined of course with a healthy diet, positive lifestyle and exercise. Most every disease was shown to benefit from an alkaline lifestyle so YAY I’m on the right track with inspiring you to include more alkaline foods into your everyday meals, drink alkaline water and think positive alkaline thoughts!

It was fascinating to see how modern medicine/pharmaceuticals have invaded the minds of many whom have been led to believe that they need to stay on their medication for life or that their medications are the only answer for their symptoms of disease.  Because big pharma is such big money and kick backs are often part of a doctors income, holistic measures are said to not really work.  Other doctors honestly just don’t know anything about nutrition and the direct role it plays in ones health as they only receive a few hours of study on nutrition during their many years of medical school. This is sooo unfortunate as so many patients could benefit from knowing about a proper diet.

However, this means a there’s a huge opportunity for those of us studying holistic nutrition, to help clients with their diet and lead them to optimal health, or perhaps to write books, or lecture world wide sharing our knowledge. The possibilities are endless as to where we nutritionists can help including guiding food banks & their donors in better meal options, educating mothers to be how to raise healthier children, creating programs for schools to share with students from kindergarten to high school on the benefits of a healthy diet. My fellow classmates are all tossing these ideas and others around in their minds as they explore the areas that ignite a passion for them.

Sorry to be rambling on, I’m just so inspired by this entire process of exploring healthy living with my nutrition studies and being surrounded by equally passionate people who will make a HUGE difference by touching many peoples lives with their passion for health. I am incredibly grateful for my experience and for those fellow students that I spend each day with at school, as well as my teachers who are so patient and clever to share their knowledge. I can’t wait until I am thru with my studies to take this knowledge to the next level, sharing more and inspiring greater health for You and for many others who really need it. Thank you for following along on this journey and exploring to improve your own health journey.

I must apologize for being rather infrequent on this blog after being so diligent every week for 2 years. I am finding that there has to be some give and take to get thru this year of study, away from my family, and I need to stay healthy to absorb it all, while being attentive for my family when I return on the weekends. Thank you for your patience and I promise to show up when ever I possibly can with a tasty recipe that you can sink your teeth into and inspiration to make you want to eat even healthier.

That’s it for now, I need to hit the books and study the cell, the brain, the bones and the muscles for my upcoming exam-eeek! Flash cards need to be made along with clever associations to remember the complexities of our amazing bodies! Wish me luck and I’ll be back soon!
Have a great week!


ps. thank you to those of you who have submitted health questions in the comment section as you really challenge me in a good way to research, learn and share my knowledge which is what truly fills me up!  I will answer in between my studies or right away if I have the answer and a moment to record it for you.  So keep the questions coming and I’ll do my best to find the answers for you!

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