Flavoured Waters: Pretty, Healthy, Hydrating and Subltly Delicious! –How to make alkaline water

Pin It I know how hard it can be to drink your water every single day.  I find it challenging myself some days and I wake up with intentions of doing a little better than yesterday just to find that by 2pm I’ve had my head in the books and I’m parched!  It may seem […]

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Fiddle Heads with Creamy Kamut Orzo & Spring Peas — Celebrate Earth Day

Pin It You know that spring has sprung when you first stir in the early morning and hear the sounds of birds happily chirping out your window.  You know it’s spring when the once greyish landscape explodes into a fresh citrus green.  But you know spring is really here to stay when you see the […]

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Coconut, Lime & Red Cabbage Coleslaw w/ Macadamia Nuts

Pin It My goodness, where does the time go?  Have you also found that it’s ticking by too quickly?  I’m glad it flies by quickly in the winter since I’m not fond of the cold so “Yay” I’m Glad it’s spring-my favourite time of year!!  –but I always want time to pass by slowly when […]

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White Chocolate Macaroon Bites – Happy Valentines Day

Pin It The prettiness of Valentines and all it’s pinks and ruby reds always inspires me to be creative especially when I have the camera in my hand.  Today I unearthed some of my pretties and had fun playing with them to bring you some inspiration.  And of course there’s a tasty recipe to go […]

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Marinated Kale w/ Roasted Veggies & Some Fabulous News!

Pin It Well…. you caught me today with a project on my hands!  And as you know once you get knee deep into something it’s hard to want to stop and eat something nutritious. Today I went scrambling into the fridge and served up this delicious lunch in seconds flat.  You guessed it, right?  Left […]

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Super Salad for a New Year – Detox Demystified

Pin It The beginning of a new year always sparks enthusiasm for new habits, fresh goals and great ideas.  I’m hoping that you might be reading this with an interest to give your body a fresh clean start for 2013 cuz inspiring You is one of my 2013 goals!  If it takes the arrival of […]

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Holiday Pate of Lentils and Herbs–Wishing you a Joyful Christmas

Pin ItAs promised, I have another recipe for you just in the nick of time for the holiday season. The sun peaked out from the winter cloud cover as I shot this image above for you making it even more merry and bright!  Creating a healthy pate is a tasty thing to do but even […]

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Rainbow Cauliflower & Basil Chowder–Pausing for Nourishment during this busy time

Pin It Are you crazee busy with festivities and not sure how many sleeps til Santy arrives?? I have MY hand up!!! With the preparations for Christmas in full swing it’s easy to forget how good it feels to enjoy a cozy homemade meal, perhaps some creamy warm soup to take the chill off, to […]

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Lavender Almond Milk & A Miracle

Pin It Have you ever experienced a serious near miss?  A near miss that could have caused you terrible harm or harm to your loved ones.  Well, it happened to me just two weeks ago, my first ever serious near miss.  My kids and I experienced a true miracle where we were involved in a […]

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Raw Veggie Chard Wrap with Ancho Chili Dip–The Balancing Act of Alkalizing Daily

Pin It So, I know this chard wrap idea isn’t rocket science nor is it original but the dip….oh mee oh my!  The thing is if you are going to eat a bunch of regular old veggies why not jazz ‘em up so you love ‘em even more!  That’s my idea of a great veggie […]

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