A rebounder is a miniature size trampoline that can be used in your home. You can pick these up at your sporting goods store, or at garage sales for under $50.- They are by far the best thing you can physically do for your body!

By jumping on the rebounder, your cells are forced together at the bottom of the bounce. Toxins, and poisons are then squeezed out from around the cellular tissue spaces, making it possible for the lymph glands to clean them up and cleanse the body. Basically it helps the Lymphatic System function properly so we can avoid being sick!

Two or three minutes of healthy bouncing can flush your lymphatic system and increase the white blood cell count. It will also help flush toxins out the joints, and will strengthen the tendons, ligaments and lining of the joints and bones. Your circulation is increased, more oxygen is carried to the cell, your bones are better able to absorb more calcium making it a huge benefit, even more so to people with arthritis.

The repetitive bouncing simultaneously cleans and strengthens each and every cell in the body. This makes it ideal for weight loss as well, as it circulates more oxygen to the tissues for fat burning, increases metabolism, tones the glandular system while it stimulates muscles to move fluids throughout the body inhibiting the storage of fat. As your body becomes healthier, all its systems function more efficiently so fat is burned and lean muscle is built as you become more toned.

Put simply, the up and down movement of bouncing, also known as BOUNCERCISE, stimulates the lymphatic system, which builds your immune system, removes toxins, and eliminates muscle soreness from exercise so only a GENTLE BOUNCE is all that is needed to experience the benefits.

If you are not planning on doing much exercise, this is an absolute MUST! Instead of tearing down tissue like some other exercises, it brings oxygen, nutrients and circulation to help rebuild your cells. Your skin and internal organs become firmer, stronger and less wrinkled. It will strengthen your immune system and explode cancer cells. It can also improve mental activity by stimulating the circulation of all fluids including your cerebral-spinal fluid that baths your brain continuously. It can actually improve your memory, stimulate your thought process and will activate mental communication to each cell in your brain.

I can’t think of any thing else so easy to do that can achieve 1/2 of these things, other than bouncing on your kids trampoline out in the yard!

A Rebounder is an absolute must!

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