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Welcome!  Hi, I’m Julie, your Alkaline Sister!  I’m a certified holistic nutritionist, author, photographer, designer and a certified plant based cook.  My passion is to inspire and energize you for life. I hope to set you on a journey to better health and a clear understanding of how food affects our bodies, through delicious recipes, tips and the latest alkaline lifestyle information that is inspired from my personal health experiences that you can read about below in My Journey.

As a trained interior designer and retail shop owner for many years, my passion for healthy living has lead me on this wonderful food blogging journey that lead to studying holistic nutrition and now publishing a book!  I find that my creative design juices filter thru my all of my nutrition work with exciting style props and vivid photography hopefully making you run to the kitchen to eat healthfully, and inspired to create a beautifully laid table!

My alkaline sister Yvonne is passionate for the care and attention to detail of our site behind the scenes and is a great recipe tester which is great support for me as I finalize the details on my first alkaline cook book which is due out in Early Spring 2016. Her story is incredibly inspiring too so I included it below for you to peek at.

I look forward to sharing, inspiring and teaching!


Julie’s Journey

Who Knew? – that because of a herniated disk I would be motivated to change my diet & lifestyle radically to eat completely alkaline and some how convince my sister to join me in this journey. Eeeek-she had no idea what she was in for and nor did I. After 18 months of on and off terrible sciatica pain and despair from a lack of relief no matter what external treatment I tried, having exhausted almost every option I could from, chiro, physio, acupuncture, aqua therapy, osteopath, surgery, cortisone shots, on-line exercise programs and some serious medications for pain, I finally realized that I needed to heal from the “inside out – NOT the outside in”. This realization arrived in the way of a CT scan that I had to practically beg for. It showed my disc as unchanged from the 1st CT scan 18 mos prior with a 13 mm bulge- this is a huge bulging disc! Regardless of all the therapies, my body had not gone into action to begin repairing the bulge- it was incapable of improving the health of my disc because my inner terrain was obviously very unhealthy.

With a reference from a friend to a local alkaline lifestyle facilitator I was lead on a journey that began with a 3 day juice cleanse- really a “feast for your body”. Upon the realization of the radical shift I would have to make to my diet I felt desperate for camaraderie to be sure I would stay on track and have a support person- who better than my sister- who willingly embarked on this journey with me that neither of us knew would be so profound.

It was nearly 8 years ago we began. Initially we ate 100% alkaline leading to where we are currently eating 80% alkaline foods & 20% Acidic foods.  The results have been astonishing and the education has been life changing. I am no longer in any pain with my disc and have been pain free for 8 years now as I have eliminated all the inflammation surrounding my disc that was caused by an overly acidic body and I also stopped taking every medication I was on for pain. I lost 30 lbs that I couldn’t shake with various other fad diets which also helped relieve pressure from my disk. My energy soared & my overall well being improved ten fold leaving me free of colds & flus. My sister has lost almost 50 lbs and is on a journey to return to her pre-pregnancy figure and is almost there. She has also experienced a complete shift in her well being.

Who Knew? We began with very little idea of what we were committing to and it has completely changed our lives and we can’t help but want to shout it out all over the world. So here we are with our new blog site, sharing what we have both become incredibly passionate about. It has brought us closer together and we have the comfort of knowing that we understand each other and we both crave and want to cook the most healthy food possible for our bodies and our families. So here’s to The Alkaline Sisters .com and to inspiring you and many others to choose a healthy alkaline lifestyle that will change your life. Our goal with our blog is to share our continuing experiences, the process, ideas, recipes, products, courses and resources. We look forward to your participation, feed back and success.


Yvonne’s Journey

My name is Yvonne and my story is very different from my sisters. I grew up being more or less average height and weight. Of course compared to my sister, who was always very petite and small boned, I was the bigger sister (not older though). When I was in high school, and through my twenties, I maintained my weight around 125 – 135. I am 5’6” so this was just right for me.

As I got older, and had children, the pounds started to creep on. I began to yoyo diet. I have tried everything from Herbal Magic, Sure slim, Weight Watchers, drugstore diet pills, Isagenics, Slim fast shakes, boot camps, plus tried many others via books like the GI-Diet, Suzanne Summers Diet, etc. you name it, I have done it. I did have overall success from Weight Watchers, and Sure slim as they had basic meal plans I could easily follow for the most part, plus regular weigh ins and I did lose about 30 pounds – which took months of total dedication as I was only losing 1-2 pounds a week. But before long, I would get comfortable again, and go back to my “old eating habits” gaining all the weight I lost plus more, and then I would have to diet all over again. I was a great procrastinator and had a real hard time starting a diet, as I knew my commitment level was all or nothing and hated the thought of depriving myself of all those yummy fattening foods and drinks. This propelled the problem of my weight gain as I would eat the things I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat when on a diet.

I was 197 pounds again, and stuck. (I figured as long as I was under 200 that was OK) I was at a comfort level with my weight and although I wanted to be slimmer, I guess I didn’t really want to change anything I was doing so avoided thinking about it. I hated having my picture taken as I would have to face the fact that was actually me, and I was fat.

My children and husband bought me a WII fit for my Birthday in June of 08. I had gone to Jamaica with my husband in May, and after looking at photos, I realizing how big I looked. I thought it was a good idea to start to exercise. I am not too big on exercise. I hate to sweat. When I got on the WII, I had to create an profile of myself. My little WII that started off looking slim ballooned out and said, “You are obese!” I never considered myself obese. I was 215 pounds! I was the fattest I had ever been. You can imagine that it took a while before I faced that fat WII character again.

I went through the summer knowing I had to do something, but what? I was not very motivated. I was actually going through some depression as the economy was turning and my business was in the financial industry and things were slowing down and money was tough.

My sister was suffering from a very very bad back. She could not stand or sit for more than 5 minutes and spent most of her day lying on the floor. She had been in this terrible condition for over a year, and had gone to great length to do everything in her power to fix it to no avail.

It was September and she told me about these two sisters that she had begun to see. They tested her blood, took hair samples, and began to advise her on how she could heal her body from the inside out. The process started with a cleanse and some kind of a new diet. Our families had dinner on the Labor day long weekend, and she kept saying that this was the last binge before she started this new way of doing things. I never thought anything of it, as it was her doing it not me.

Well, the following week, she asked if I could help her do all this juicing as she was starting this detox. She said it was only for three days, and I should do it with her if I am going to help her. I love my sister, so I was happy to help her, and thought it couldn’t hurt. I had done cleanses before, and understood how good they were for you, and it was only three days. I had no intention of starting any kind of diet, nor had I even given it any thought. I went to my sisters every day first thing after taking my children to school, and juiced a feast with her daily, for three days. It was a bit of an event when I look back. I was there until mid afternoon juicing and home in time for my children after school. I made sure I took home enough juice to last me till the next morning when I would go back and help her more. It was definitely a detoxifying cleanse.

At the end of the third day, my sister told me that the next part of her program was 3 months long and would I support her and stay on it with her. I thought it was going to only be for three days! 3 months? The juicing was over, and now stage two. Hmmm…. I had just endured the hardest part she said, and she reminded me in a very supportive kind way, that I would probably lose some more weight as I had already lost some, so it couldn’t hurt. I thought, well, by Christmas it would be over and I could manage till then if it would help her. I liked my wine on the weekend and I had to give that up, but thought heck, I can do that for 3 months… I did it for much longer when I was pregnant and nursing. I agreed to do it and support her.

I had no idea of the journey I was about to embark on. Ok, no Alcohol, no meat – oh my, and then no dairy…plus eating raw… hmm this wasn’t the kind of diet I was thinking of. However, it was not a diet. It was an understanding of a different way of eating that feeds your body and gives you energy and restores your health. After I had been on the “Diet” for two weeks, we went to see Tony Robins in Vancouver. I was surprised and fascinated by his one day of health and that cemented in the facts that I was on the right track and doing the right thing. It just made so much sense to me after that weekend.

I followed it religiously, and lost 30 pounds by Christmas. I had become educated on what food does to you and that completely changed my ideas about food, not wanting to eat the old way anymore. Yes, I had some spirits at Christmas, but I never went “OFF” my diet… as I wasn’t on a diet. I had adapted a new conditioning around food and have easily managed to continue on the journey, loosing another 10 + pounds and I feel great. My little WII Character says I am over weight now instead of obese and I understand food and how my body deals with it verse counting calories and portion sizes. I learned it’s ok to zig and zag a little as long as you keep a balance and it works.

I would still love to get down to the weight I was when I got married, at 130 pounds, but this was never about weight loss. That has been a big benefit of course, and I am very glad. The bigger benefits are I feel energized and healthy. I haven’t been sick since I started, although the normal colds and flus have run through my family, I have not been affected.

I have an excellent understanding of the alkaline lifestyle and am doing what I can to implement it into my families diet as well. More importantly, my sister’s health has been a true inspiration. She is almost 100% now, and although she cautiously goes about things, she is virtually pain free and able to function normally. I am a true believer that a PH balanced body can mend itself from the inside out, and she is testament to that. I can go through life knowing that I will not die of cancer, nor any other disease. I have the cure inside of me, as the saying goes, “You are what you eat!” couldn’t be more true!

In our journey, we have developed a passion to share our knowledge with others that maybe discovering this new way themselves in hope that we can give back and add value to your life and your health!

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Vickie August 2, 2013 at 3:03 pm

Julie, is it possible for someone that takes chemo and Embrel shots to become alkaline? The best I have been able to do is almost a 7 on the PH chart and my throat is red and burns. I feel like I need to cough often.

Thanks much,

admin August 3, 2013 at 2:58 pm

Hi Vicki
I hope I am understanding correctly. I am assuming that the sore throat is caused by the drugs not by the alkalizing you have been doing? Correct me if I am wrong. If it is from the alkalizing maybe your body is flushing mucous via the throat.
The drugs are HIGHLY acidic. It takes a lot of alkalizing to neutralize/buffer and to flush the toxins from your system. If you are not using alkaline supplements like pHor salts and alkaline water and greens powder (in 4l water per day) I suggest you do asap in order to compensate the acidity and to support your cells to make new healthy cells as so many good cells are killed with chemo. Find them here Juicing green veggies is also mandatory to nourish the body thru this process.
I also suggest infra red sauna to eliminate toxins from your body from the chemo if you can find a rec center or spa that has one to use daily. This is key in bringing your ailing body back into balance. I suggest reading Crazy Sexy Diet for guidance in many areas as you journey thru cancer as author Kris Carr shares her comprehensive holistic approach that she found successful for her cancer journey that she beat! Also read Dr. Young book, The pH Miracle or get the audio version on Audible.
All the best Vickie. Please keep me abreast of your success! You can do it!!

Sharon August 4, 2013 at 10:48 am

I just stumble across you site after visiting Laura’s site from Side Saddle Kitchen who I think is great. I have know found another two great people who I will be visiting often too.

I’m a UK trained naturopath, and have been trying to share the 80/20 concept with others with regards to nutrition and health, based on my own personal experience and training. However because I don’t have any particular visible health issues it can be challenging for others to actually follow what I have to offer, as they are not able to identify with me on a health level!

Thats why I am so happy to have found your site, as I can see how both your stories can offer inspiration to many others. I will definitely be directing people to you. Thanks for sharing and being an inspiration. We really do need more people like yourself, taking your own steps to changing the world with your own experiences and personal journeys.

I appreciate you both

Vickie August 5, 2013 at 7:23 am

Julie, Thank you so much for the reply! WOW! You have to be on of the most AWESOME people I have ever come in contact with!

Let me brief you a little on my health. I have had severe Rheumatoid Arthritis for 20 Yrs. I have been on Methotrexate and Plaquineil for 20 yrs. I was introduced to Dr. Joel Fuhrman (Eat to Live) after I already had much deterioration and several surgeries. Dr. Fuhrman feels because of the deterioration I may never be able to come off of all of my meds. However, I am changing the Methotrexate and Plaquenil for Enbrel. This is through my Rheumatoligst. ( Dr. Fuhrman is many states away and I only did a phone consult with him many yrs ago and blogged with him.) Let me add, because of the Methotrexate, in 2003 I was diagnosed with lymphoma and multiple myelomia. God healed me from both and my Oncoligist is the one that told me to start eating like I do. He told me it would keep the Rheumatoid and the cancer in remission.

The burning in my throat: I have been on the Hallelujah diet and eat to live (though not 100% )for many years with the exception of the fruit and carrots, due to all the sugar. Through much deliberation and hesitancy, I added fruit. That is when my throat began to burn really bad. I stopped the fruit and found your sight all at the same time. (I have had the PH Miracle diet book for several years and read it) After reading many of the testimonies on your sight, I decided to remove the acid foods from my diet. My throat is better, but still burns. I do the veggies in my vita mix 2xs a day. I am using Barley Max from H-acres for right now 2xs a day. (I will purchase the green drink you use when I place another order) For my water, I have a Santevia water pitcher and I add Hydro Boost from H-acres to my water. (Hydro Boost is 70 ionic Sea Minerals it has oxygen properties for better absorption and to carry waste from our cells. It adds PH to the water and is an antioxidant. (of just water, I drink about 100 oz a day.
As for my exercise, I either bike for 6 miles , walk 3 miles or walk run for 1 1/2 miles. I do one of the above 4 to 5 times week. ( I use to own an infra red sauna and I sweat as much with my exercise as I did with the sauna) I am wondering because of my meds if I will ever become Alkaline. I truly eat 97% Alkaline and still can barely get close to a 7.00 PH. I am off of the Plauqenil and hope to come off of the Methotrexate within a month. That leaves me with just the Embrel for the Rheumatoid. I also take meds for a hypo thyroid.
I am open for ANY suggestion you might have for me.
Thanks again for all you do for the WORLD to be a HEALTHIER place!!
Many Blessings,

Brenda August 18, 2013 at 3:36 pm

Hi Julie, I just discovered your blog while surfing the web for Alkaline recipes. Like you I’m 5’6 and my weight has ballooned. I have had many challenges face me over the past year and I felt less and less satisfied that the hard work I was putting in at the gym was really making any difference with my weight gain. My knees have started to give me the message your WII told you. Time to make a change or face the consequences. So I’ve started a detox program my gym offers. It’s shakes, pills, and following closely an Alkaline diet however they prepare all the foods there, and it’s very limited. I have a job where I am on the road a lot, need to learn to make the foods myself. Can you point me in the direction of things that don’t require too much work that I can put together? Thanks in advance Julie.

admin August 23, 2013 at 8:59 pm

Brenda, so glad you are making changes Now…. before a serious chronic disease sets in. Not sure what pills you are taking, I’m hoping it’s supplements of some sort. This might be a good way to jump start your program but it isn’t sustainable. You truly need to want this badly and love yourself enough to make a lifestyle adjustment. This might mean finding ways to make time for proper food preparation no matter how busy you are. This may be part of the reason you face weight issues as you haven’t made healthy food and it’s preparation an integral part of your life. Fast is great but it isn’t always healthy. I make a concerted effort even when I am in a hurry to always pack my water bottle and a healthy snack when I leave the house and my lunches on the go are usually leftovers from the previous nights dinner. Planning a little and having the groceries on hand is necessary. Chopping veggies on Sunday night for a few days makes this a little easier accompanied by some yummy hummus, either healthy store bought or one you make yourself which is inexpensive and very easy. Salad should be simple for you to make esp if you can get organic prewashed salad mix and then add lots of chopped veggies. Cooking up some quinoa and having it on hand to jazz up is an easy lunch or dinner. Adding sauteed veggies or raw diced veg and then seasoning it with spices is very simple and poured over a bed of mixed greens is yummy. Smoothies are also dandy and you can make a double pitcher full and pack the 2nd half in a mason jar with a lid for your lunch. I have a few recipes. The alkaline one is ideal as it has no fruit. Be cautious how much fruit you start adding to smoothies as it will make it much more difficult to lose weight because of the sugar content. Your diet need not be limited. It may SEEM limited to you if you are used to eating a typical North American diet. Try to think of your new lifestyle as abundantly full of choices because it truly is. And these choices are the foods that will ultimately help your body return to it’s ideal weight and give you optimal wellness. There are a plethora of veggies and whole grains nuts and seeds sprouts and legumes to keep you fed and satisfied as you journey thru this transition to healthy food choices. Soups are yummy too and easy! Take a look at my recipes and read them to see which ones speak to you and that seem easier enough to put together. Just choose a couple and try them out. They will soon become favourites. Then try a few more. Hope this helps:)

admin August 23, 2013 at 9:33 pm

Sorry so tardy, busy summer! You are making amazing progress! Yay! My one suggestion is to go have a look for yourself at you very own living blood on screen with a live blood microscopist! This will give you the missing pieces to the puzzle. Typically the microscopists can assist you with nutrient deficiencies and help you further to fine tune your diet. I truly believe you can heal and you have done a lot of this already! I like colloidal silver for new cell regeneration. Do some research on this. Innerlight sells it and you can take it orally or use it externally. Dr. Young speaks/writes of it and I have had great success with it myself. has a list of microscopists world wide if you need a reference. I just did a course on it last week and I also did my internship with a microscopist and sat in on at least a dozen clients and the success rate is phenomenal. It is empowering to see your own blood and then revisit it and see the progress. I can’t say enough about it as it was my measuring stick and helped me thru my health issues. I will use it forever as my tool on a yearly basis to maintain optimal health and stay abreast anything that might be brewing as you can see it well before it is serious if you are ontop of your visits and your diet. But we can’t control our environment and toxins are visible and alert you to do cleanses or chelation to clean up your blood. Of course you will see naysayers if you research it but there will always be naysayers! So yes I think you will be alkaline one day:) All my best:)

admin August 23, 2013 at 9:50 pm

Vicki, the water pitcher produces alkaline water so I don’t add drops.

admin August 23, 2013 at 9:58 pm

Hi Vivian, read The pH Miracle by Dr. Robert O.Young, the new revised edition. It is very comprehensive and inspiring:)

marci August 24, 2013 at 4:04 am

In a poverty-pinch, could I just drop a bit of sodium bicarbonate into a pitcher of water to drink to alkalize it? I cannot afford all the Ph products as supplements.

I am on an iodine protocol for thyroid cancer, and surprisingly, pink or himalayan salt(1 gram per day) is required to flush toxins!

Thank you for your work. Lovely blog. I am forwarding it around.

admin August 24, 2013 at 9:54 pm

Jenni, thank you for your kind comment. Most certainly you are smart if you trim back on the animal protein that the kids are consuming and if you do still consume some be sure it is organic. Our bodies can only metabolize 40-70g of protein per day. Most folks eat 5-10x’s this amt esp when you add up the cheese, and other dairy products on top of all the meat! The excess proteins consumed end up in our blood and tissues causing serious disease. If you avoid animal products you will be in a much better position to avoid disease for your family. Alkaline foods esp. veggies all contain small amts of protein and added up in a day combined with legumes, nuts seeds and whole grains in a good ratio of 70-80% veggies you will get more that the daily recommended amt of protein and calcium. I hope your friend is doing okay and that alkalizing was helpful and done in time. Also remember that we all need to know how to deal with our emotions and teaching your kids not to bottle them up and to move onward is necessary also to avoid disease. Keep up the good parenting:)

jenni August 25, 2013 at 5:44 am

Hey again, here a link i came across and thought perhaps youd be interested. Also talks about the harmful effects of acidic foods and had well written health info.. it all makes a whole lot of sense and you ladies are doing a fantastic job by spreading this awareness!

admin January 19, 2014 at 10:51 pm

Marci, Yes of course sodium bicarbonate could be used in a pinch.

Maxine February 21, 2014 at 5:18 pm

Hi iv been on alkiline diet now for 11 days is it normal to egg tummy pains ??

Erin February 22, 2014 at 1:40 pm

Hi there,
I am suffering from RA. Just the very early stages. A friend with lupus who has eliminated symptoms thru an alkaline diet recommended it to me and I found your site on Google. I’ve been doing smoothies and eating lots of veggies and fruit, no meat but I know its best to be 100% alkaline; I’m just finding it hard. It’s only been a week but I just had a salad of spinach and grilled zucchini, squash and cucumbers and tomatoes and myfriend said I shouldn’t have had the bit of balsamic vinaigrette I put on. I feel like I’m doing well but if I don’t get it 100% right that doesn’t negate the changes I’ve made, does it? Feeling like I’ve messed up has ended lots of diets for me in the past, and though this one is necessary for my health that doesn’t make I any easier. I’m allergic to NSAIDS so curing this thru diet is very desirable. Just some advice on how hard core you have to be to see results would be appreciated. Thank you so much.

Julie February 22, 2014 at 5:17 pm

Hi Erin, don’t be discouraged. You CAN do this and a wee slip up is nothing to fret over in fact stressing over it vs just moving on is more acidic causing! If you wish to truly heal I highly recommend consuming as high an alkaline ratio as you possibly can along with 3-4 liters of alkaline water and lots of good omega fats every single day. And again, if you can’t live without a wee something, just have it and get right back on track. Ideally if you are craving something maybe go for a walk or drink some nice tea and distract yourself with some yummy alkaline food instead. I love a glass of homemade vanilla almond milk as a yummy afternoon treat.
avoiding fermented foods is best so try for lemon juice and olive oil instead of the balasamic, but again you DID eat a salad so don’t fret and just move on. You haven’t messed everything up. Just keep on pluggin’!

Getting healthy to avoid presecription drugs is one of the best things you can do. Be grateful you know how to go about it and have a friend that has done it to inspire you. YOu have good motivation to get you thru. Keep up the good work:) Be as diligent as you can and you’ll be well in no time!

Julie February 22, 2014 at 5:26 pm

Hi Maxine, if you have tummy pains, try lightly steaming your veggies and or blending them to give your digestion a complete rest as you slowly alkalize your body by making soups. You may not be used to the volume of greens especially raw ones if you haven’t eaten many in the past. I would ease into the raw if this is the case. Trying to add in raw greens as in green juice or green smoothies as a healing way, just go easy. If the tummy aches continue, visit a holistic health practitioner or naturopath doctor. Also drinking 3-4 liters of alkaline water is beneficial to flush toxins from your system.

TRICIA Eaton July 4, 2014 at 5:30 pm

Hello ive been so happily blessed seeibg this site..thank you girls for your question. .i have just brought some fresh alkalized water at water store where rhey draw it when u order. How long before i NEED TO STOP DRINKING this water before it goes bad on me???
I know its usually good for a 24 HOUR. So if i continues to drink it will i NOT BE BENEFITING MY BODY?
I eat veggies daily. .no ANIMAL FATS NO MEATS AT ALL…
So im reallt trying to change my lifestyle EATING habits. .
Thanks if u can HELP. .

Julie July 7, 2014 at 12:27 pm

The water won’t harm you but often the alkalinity of the water drops somewhat as the days pass depending on the process that it underwent to become alkaline. You can make your own water with a salt sole and distilling your water but it takes a little time but is easy to do. There are also affordable alkaline pitchers as in Santevia for under $100 that work alright. Keep up the good work!

Tiana September 11, 2014 at 12:09 pm

Hello, I’ve been suffering from an L5 S1 disc herniation early May 2014. I’m in pain daily, all day. Could you share more about your experience with healing your disc? How long did it take to heal? What did you eat and drink? I’m really desparate as I’ve tried physical theraphy, chiropractor and now non-surgical spinal decompression. I started acupunture this past Monday. I do not want to have back surgery but I really don’t know much more of this pain I can take.

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience.

Julie September 11, 2014 at 2:52 pm

Hi Tiana
So sorry to hear:( So for my journey, after desperate attempts like you I resorted to taking anti-inflammatory meds as a band aide to help with the pain as I dug myself out of the disaster. I went cold turkey and did a 3 day alkaline juice feast as on my site under Juice feast- search it on my site. Then I only ate alkaline blended or raw foods and green juices for 3 months plus a wee bit of fish and legumes after 6 wks and I was then finally completely out of pain! It was like a miracle that it worked from my uneducated nutritional perspective! Iknew so little about the power of nutrition and our body’s ability to heal with the right nutrients! I managed the pain the best could but it was atrocious. When I was in it, it felt like it was never going to end and that 3 months was an eternity!! And I wasn’t given any time frame- that’s just how long my body took- yours could be faster but…. I wanted relief way faster. But I have to say, changing my lifestyle has been permanent relief with no side effects except good ones like vibrant health and weight loss and loving life!! I am ever grateful for my herniated disc and that it lead me here! Please read Dr. Robert O. Young’s book The pH Miracle Revised. It helps keep yo motivated when you educate yourself and it will answer many questions. I am writing a cookbook with nutritional info but it won’t be out for another year or so.
Most of all, drink lots and lots of clean pure alkaline water!! this will plump the disc up! and I also found a vibration template for exercising my muscles to build strength was invaluable!! mostly cuz I couldn’t walk, only lie down!! muscle atrophy happened:(

Hope this all helps, gosh I want you to have faith, cuz this truly truly is the way. Don’t get the surgery, you’ll regret it later!! It’s the quick fix from the outside. You need to heal from the inside out!!

All my best! and please please please, let me know your success and how you are doing!!! YOU CAN DO IT!


Karen September 20, 2014 at 3:23 pm

Hi Julie, I have just started eating the alkaline way and I’m reading “The ph Miracle” book at the moment, even after just a few weeks of changing my diet I feel so good, lots more energy and just feel better within myself, I have been suffering a lot of health problems over the years and I am glad I have found out about this way of healing my body from the inside out, your blog looks wonderful and full of helpful information, recipes and presented so colourfully and attractive, I’m looking forward to doing lots of reading and learning :)

Alexis Ellisiou October 29, 2014 at 7:20 pm

Truly love this website! After having 2 years of chemotherapy and steroid treatment (acute lymphblastic leukaemia) I finally turned to alkalising diet (I’m a Jehovah witness and can’t accept blood so chemo had to stop) I hated it. After weeks I was cancer free, after 3 months I lost 30+ kgs. Everywhere I went people asked me what I ate. This was all in 2006 and sourcing these foods then was expensive and really hard. After taking this all for granted I went back to my old lifestyle for another 4 years and now at 24 have been rediagnosed but in my brain and spine. Straight away I did a 30 day juice fast and followed with alkalising diet. My 3 week period to live has now become 7 months with all but the last month being 100% quality of life. The last month I got meningitis and went on steroids so abandoned my diet, worst decision of my life! Today is back to diet. I am never going to leave this diet again every time I do my life literally does a complete turn to crap! So today my mum who has back issues same as Julie has finally agreed to join me! I’ve put this up because I love these stories I read them all the time, this website is amazing and inspirational so I thought I’d share mine and maybe motivate someone! Love love love the recipes and ideas, it makes this fun :)

Kevin November 7, 2014 at 10:01 am

Hi Julie
Your journey is giving me inspiration although I have to admit to having dark periods. I’m suffering from a prolapsed disc at C7. I’ve had it for three months now. During the first month I couldn’t even get out of bed, the pain was so bad. I hardly ate anything during that month either – just things I could grab quickly like apples, bananas and fruit bars. I’ve tried all the usual things like physiotherapy and conventional pain killer medicine. I have to say, the pain isn’t as bad as before but it’s still keeping me off work (which is very worrying). I’ve been eating mainly raw for the past few weeks now and I’m also taking supplements prescribed by my nutritionist/naturopath. I’m just hoping and praying that the disc shrinks like yours did. Did your pain slowly subside or did it go away immediately? This thing is ruining my life!

Helana Avellano April 19, 2015 at 1:18 pm

Hi ladies
I have been reading your website and doing some research into the Alkaline diet as my partner has a very bad back due to bulging and deteriorating discs. He has had an op already but the pains are back……he doesn’t want to have further surgery hence we are looking for alternatives.
My partner has a terrible diet so this will be hard so I am thinking it might be best to take it slow. Maybe 60/40 (60 being alkaline)
I have some questions, can doing the Alkaline diet wrong be very bad for you? I am reading websites and they are saying not to combine certain foods which is very confusing.
Also, if he is going to give up dairy products, which he has done before, can he have lactose free milk? Also with tea and coffee, can you replace them with de caffeinated ones?
I am slightly nervous about embarking on this journey as I have no experience in this and i am the only one putting the diet together to help my partner.
I appreciate your help

Helana Avellano April 22, 2015 at 1:20 pm

Hi Julie and Yvonne
I want to help my boyfriend as he has some back issues and is in terrible Pain everyday. They have advised surgery but that’s a last resort at the age of 37.
I have some questions about the alkaline diet, would you mind answering them?
He will not be able to follow it religiously , he has a bad diet so this will be hard for him to do….small steps.
Do you recommend any particular foods to start with giving up….apart from the obvious like crisps and biscuits etc.
Can he have lactose free cheese and milk?
Could it have a harmful affect if done wrong?
I appreciate your help
Thanks Helana

Julie April 22, 2015 at 1:37 pm

Helana, first thing is…. he needs to want to heal himself and must be willing and on board with taking responsibility for his health, his food and his lifestyle. You can’t just do it for him and feed him. He needs to be an active part in it or it won’t work. It will be a struggle for you. If he’s not going to partake he should save you the trouble and go get surgery which I certainly wouldn’t do myself but be prepared is all I am saying. Secondly, it’s best to add in the green goodness to alkalize instead of robbing the diet of all the bad stuff all at once. eventually weed out the bad and add in the good. You can’t go wrong by adding alkaline foods. but to get results faster (and I mean for me and my excruciatingly painful back, fast was 3 months) he needs to embrace it fairly fully to get the results I got. A juice cleanse and then 75-85% alkaline foods and tons of water plus alkaline mineral pHor salts and greens powders will do the trick along with exercise- see for their ‘lose the back pain’ exercise manual- it’s the best I found and it works!! And lastly I used a vibration template to stand on to move my muscles and my lymph to detox 2x day for 10 mins for 4 months especially cuz I was in such pain that I couldn’t even walk. I still use it to day. I suggest getting one! Good luck and keep me posted. My book is due out in Jan 2016:)

Helana Avellano April 28, 2015 at 1:30 pm

Hi Julie
Thanks for getting back to me….you are spot on and have realised that in the last few days which is why I am not going to push and see if he wants to rather than me making him….his call. I am very keen on leading a more alkaline diet though so have been reading up on things. Your website is a great source of info and if my partner comes to his senses anytime soon I might be in touch.

Amelia May 23, 2015 at 11:00 pm

Hi Julie and Yvonne,
Thank-you for posting your stories! Your site has helped me A LOT on my journey to health, but there’s one thing I’m very confused about and that is calories. How many calories do I need? daily? I’m looking to lose 15 pounds and I’m eating well, but I’m unsure as to how many calories I need for weight loss, energy and long term health.
I appreciate your help!

Katie May 25, 2015 at 2:34 am


My doctor just referred me to this website due to a sudden onset of acid reflux or a possible ulcer. I am 26 years old and I have never had these problems until my life became very hectic and I gained weight! I have always been active and muscular and weighed around 155 (which was a muscular 155). I am now nearly 200 pounds and have chronic esophageal spasms/ stomach problems. I am starting my new alkaline lifestyle tomorrow and I could not be more excited to see the changes, and pray that these problems go away! I love all of the information on this site!!

Emil May 26, 2015 at 10:41 am

Hi, I’ve just found your blog and it looks fantastic!
I’m already into the idea of healing my body from the inside out and doing it with healthy, good nutrition. I have a question for you, would loooove if you answered it ! :-) I’m a 16 year old boy who has acne, and I know that it is not an external issue like everyone tries to brainwash you with, but rather an internal imbalance or something. I’ve done alot of research about alternative healing, and something about going raw, juce cleansing, and now trying to make my body even more alkaline seems obvious for good overall health! I just do not know where to start! I’m thinking about buying a water alkalizer, like the santevia/Biocera to start out with, but I would really appreciate advice on how and what to do with the raw-food thing? Meal plan, what you did etc. Hope you can help me out a bit! All the best Emil

Julie May 28, 2015 at 8:40 am

Hi Emil I am sooo impressed you have figured this out at your age, way to go! You are dead right! Alkalizing the body is exactly what will happen when you eat a high ratio of raw vegetables (75-80% daily), only a small amount of sweet fruit (1 pc/day) along with juicing or blending vegetables. You will see your skin go from poor to glowing as your body corrects the balance. It may get a wee bit worse as it dumps toxins initially but this is normal. Go a little slower if you are wanting to minimize this. Get what ever water filter you can to rid your water of contamination that if you hadn’t removed from the water your body would then have to eliminate–it’s just more work for your body to deal with. All that you can avoid putting into your body the more opportunity as to work on dumping acids! Drink 3-4 l of water daily and avoid all pops, juices and especially ALL DAIRY which is highly mucous forming and is a huge contributor to acne as is SUGAR-yikes! Once your skin is clear a small amount of organic dairy or unrefined sugars are okay with a good balance of alkalinity as your body will be well trained and highly equipped with it’s alkaline buffers (minerals-magnesium, potassium, calcium & sodium) to escort the nasties away thru urine, sweat, breath and feces instead of storing it or pushing the uncontrollable amounts of acidic nature out through your pores which is how your body has chosen to express it. Hope this makes sense.

I highly recommend using alkalizing supplements to expedite the process and support the bodies desperate need for buffers- these are ones I use myself everyday:

A. Alkaline Mineral salts: pHor Salts: 2x’s daily, morning and night

B. Green Drink: 3-4x’s day: 1 scoop of super greens powder in 1 liter of water every. single. day. sippped throughout the day

choose either:
1. -pretty Neutral tasting
2. -a little sweet and minty if you choose peppermint

Also I highly recommend a live blood analysis to identify other unique needs for you body and to monitor the health of your blood by a Microscopist which shows the health of your entire body! It’s just a prick to your finger to see your entire health picture from the inside out!

Super alkalizing the body is exactly what to do, it’s what the body absolutely requires to function properly at optimum levels!

All my best. My book is due out in Feb 2016, please tell two friends:)

jane June 16, 2015 at 3:21 am

Hi, I have been suffering from acidosis for the past 6 months with chronic sinusitis and general ill health with weak adrenals. I just wanted to ask you about switching to alkaline diet, as a woman I need cholesterol in order for my hormones to be produced, all fats seem to be on the acid side. I know many raw foodists who eventually stop having periods because of the lack of fats in their diet. what advice would you give in this regard, as I want to maintain health hormone production on an alkaline diet. thanks…

Carol Courtney August 9, 2015 at 3:22 pm

Hi, Julie and Yvonne..
I was wondering if you have ever had anyone go on this alkaline diet with eczema. I am a caregiver and my husband has Parkinson’s disease. I had bypass heart surgery about 2 years ago, and things are going great. My eczema is coming back like gang busters. It is on my face and neck and I know stress causes this problem, but I was wondering about going on this diet.. Have you ever heard of anyone doing this. I would be ever thankful for a response from you two… PLEASE “”

Abigail January 26, 2016 at 6:49 am

Excited to stumble across this blog, I also suffer with sciatica, and my 1 year old has a few issues including dental problems and a possible slightly raised lactic acid level in her blood (still undergoing tests) I thought she had little to no sugar in her current diet until I realised the amount of junk in baby porridge, yogurts ect. Her main source of ”dairy” is from breast feeds but she has fomula to top up. Feeling inspired to attempt a 80/20 alkaline diet for both our sakes, it can’t hurt right!! One question, would you have any recommendations for alternatives to formula?

Sheryl February 25, 2016 at 10:54 am

Hi! I haven’t been on your site in a long time…but something struck me today to revisit it. I’m curious, though…last time I visited it was the Alkaline Sisters. Now it seems to just be about one sister. I was wondering why?

Julie February 25, 2016 at 3:11 pm

Hi Sheryl, Oh it’s just me re-branding for my Book Launch since I was the one who wrote the book and I do all the blogging so I have taken claim to the site as my Sister is working full time in another industry. She still helps me out in the back end as sisters do… but it was going to be too confusing for the book readers since she wasn’t a part of the book but all is well with her:) Thanks for asking:)

Julie February 25, 2016 at 3:17 pm

Oh How Exciting. Just be sure to be on top of your iron levels and your B vitamins esp if you trim your meat consumption. I have heard that coconut milk is amazing for babies. but do your research. I highly recommend live blood analysis for both of you to get a good measure of you current health picture and nutrient needs. It’s just a quick prick to the finger so babe will be fine but it is incredible for being proactive and tells way more than many tests your doc may be doing. You can find a skilled microscopist here if you like
all my best to you both:)

Julie February 25, 2016 at 3:24 pm

Ummmm yesssss! It cured my eczema and soo much more! Alkalizing is amazing and you will sort out so many things. this article shared some reasons why we get eczema and alkalizing can help with all of them but of course you need to look at your stress levels too! It’s about adapting an alkaline lifestyle! I really recommend getting my book which is due out March first to use as a guide to adapt the lifestyle and cleanse to get rid of you issues. It can help your husband too as will lots of fish oils if I might say so as long as he is digesting fats well. You may both benefit from a live blood analysis for both of you to get a good measure of your current health pictures and nutrient needs. It’s just a quick prick to the finger so it’s fine but it is incredible for being proactive and tells way more than many tests your doc may be doing. You can find a skilled microscopist here if you like
all my best:) Book link for sale is on book tab on menu:)

Julie February 25, 2016 at 3:26 pm

I totally recommend lots of fat. Alkalizing means a balance that does include some acids and that definitely includes healthy fats! I can’t recommend enough how helpful it would be for you to get a live blood analysis to get a good measure of your current health picture and nutrient needs. It’s just a quick prick to the finger but it is incredible for being proactive and tells way more than many tests your doc may be doing. You can find a skilled microscopist here if you like
all my best to you. My book is out anytime if you are interested:) Link to order is on the menu bar.

Julie February 25, 2016 at 3:27 pm

The great thing is Amelia that you don’t need to count any calories. Just eat abalanced plate of 75% alkaline foods to 25% healthy acidic food and you are good to go!

Julie February 25, 2016 at 3:29 pm

Just found your comment. So sorry it got buried. How are you now and did you find relief?

Dianne March 11, 2016 at 11:34 am

Hi Julie
I am on Warfarin so have to watch my Vitamin K intake, plus have Pulmonary Hypertension so have to watch my water intake. I do have an Alkaline water system so hopefully that is an asset. So, hopefully with these concerns I can go on this eating regime with no issues. Your input would be welcomed.
Thank you

Lisa Stephenson March 22, 2016 at 1:22 am

Hi there, my husband was diagnosed with a gastrointestinal stromal tumour in February. I have been doing some research on diets and am overwhelmed and confused. There is so much information out there. I love the look of your recipes and I always believed about having an alkaline diet. I was all excited until I just read about Dr. Robert O. Young and his arrest and conviction. Now I am even more confused. Is there any scientific research about alkaline diets and cancer? Thank you.

Julie March 22, 2016 at 9:55 am

This is a Pub Med study on the Alkaline Diet (not the full Lifestyle)

What I know is that this alkaline lifestyle has worked for many, many, many people, including me, permitting them to return to health from a myriad of health issues from cancer to eczema. It’s an individual journey to heal and some people can do it and others are not able to commit to some serious changes after years of an unhealthy acidic lifestyle. This makes it difficult to do studies on as it is costly and hard to track an entire lifestyle from stress and emotional factors too. They all play an vital role in one’s health or sickness.
But the question I ask myself regarding Dr. Robert O. Young might be…..If helping somebody with a natural approach to health care versus an addictive unsafe potentially fatal approach is quackery he could be called crazy all day long and I wouldn’t care because I’d always choose the natural approach before ever considering drugs.
He has helped thousands upon thousands but there are always going to be a few who don’t have success that decide to blame him for their failure. I don’t know much about the trials but I do know that his work is well respected by many and has been the basis of many who continue to share it now.
The reason I spent the last 4 years writing and publishing my book is because I know how much it can help people and out society is very sick and needs this valuable information to prevent disease and to heal from it. I hope you and your husband find healing in it. But remember….. it won’t work if the motivation for his lifestyle change only come from you. He needs to want to heal badly to embrace it from his own heart too so he can heal emotionally, mentally and physically.
Wishing you and your husband a return to vibrant health.

Julie March 22, 2016 at 10:21 am

This is a Pub Med study on the Alkaline Diet (not the full Lifestyle)
It doesn’t prove it helps cancer but from what I understand and have heard first hand it does.

What I know is that this alkaline ‘lifestyle’ has worked for many, many, many people, including me, permitting them to return to health from a myriad of health issues from cancer to eczema. It’s an individual journey to heal and some people can do it and others are not able to commit to some serious changes after years of an unhealthy acidic lifestyle. This makes it difficult to do studies on as it is costly and hard to track an entire lifestyle from stress and emotional factors too. They all play an vital role in one’s health or sickness.
But the question I ask myself regarding Dr. Robert O. Young might be…..If helping somebody with a natural approach to health care versus an addictive unsafe potentially fatal approach is crazy he could be called crazy all day long and I wouldn’t care because I’d always choose the natural approach before ever considering drugs.
He has helped thousands upon thousands but there are always going to be a few who don’t have success that decide to blame him for their failure. I don’t know much about the trials but I do know that his work is well respected by many and has been the basis of many who continue to share it now.
The reason I spent the last 4 years writing and publishing my book is because I know how much it can help people and out society is very sick and needs this valuable information to prevent disease and to heal from it. I hope you and your husband find healing in it. But remember….. it won’t work if the motivation for his lifestyle change only come from you. He needs to want to heal badly to embrace it from his own heart too so he can heal emotionally, mentally and physically.
Wishing you and your husband a return to vibrant health.

lisamay May 20, 2017 at 6:46 am

Hi, I need to know if you can help me. I was diagnosed with stage 2 IDCA breast cancer. My doctor wants to do a complete mastectomy of the left breast, and SOON! I have just learned of the alkaline diet, or lifestyle. Can you please help with recipes? Do you know of anyone who has been completely healed of breast cancer by making this a way of life? I am desperate for answers!!!
Thank you!

Julie May 21, 2017 at 11:21 am

i highly recommed watching this inspiring series while its free or buy it! it is life changing!

you will feel in control of your diagnosis and make the right decision for you

My thought is to give your body a chance to heal itself. there is no emergency as it took a long time to create the situation esp if you are radical with your lifestyle shift.

Indeed an alkaline lifestyle will create a more alkaline environment that cancer cells dont like.

In my book Eat Better Live Better Feel Better you will find a cleanse and deep tissue cleansing that is full of recipes for you. this would be ideal for you.

I also highly recommend looking at your live blood cells with a live blood microcopist to see the state and use it as your measuring stick for progress so u can see your cells heal.

you can find a certified microscopist at this link

All the best…you can beat this I bet and keep your body in tact if you set your mind to it :)

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