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Do you wonder if you’ll make it to 100 and if so what will your quality of life be like?  I often do and I now know that it is absolutely possible if you lead a healthy diet and lifestyle and perhaps choose your risks accordingly! (I personally wouldn’t sky jump for this reason). 


 This book “Healthy at 100″ is my affirmation that it is possible and I am devouring it right now- see the sticky notes!  In a nut shell John Robbins (Also author of “Diet for a New America”) shares research of four very different cultures where some of the world’s healthiest, oldest people live to be 100-120yrs old.  Robbins reveals their secrets for living an extended and fulfilling life.   Read full article here



As much as I’ve done to date to become more eco friendly the efforts being made all around us are much more extensive than my little contribution. I find it tricky to be on top of all the eco friendly options available to us.  Thus I picked up this book called Ecoholic Home that provides tonnes of ideas for carrying on with my eco friendly alkalizing journey.  I loved it so much I bought the previous edition. Ecoholic: Your Guide to the Most Environmentally Friendly Information, Products and Services in Canada.  I highly recommend both books if you would like to get started or would like to continue your journey and reduce your foot print while minimizing your exposure to deadly toxins you may not even be aware of.        


The Organic Farm by Shawn R. Frost is a friendly thorough tour of an organic farm including some alarming facts as footnotes such as “The US Environmental Protection Agency estimates pesticides contaminate the ground water in 38 states, polluting the primary source of drinking water for more than half the country’s population”.  Shocking isn’t it?  The second book That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals is beautifully illustrated and written by Ruby Roth.  She takes a candid, compassionate look at the emotional lives of animals and their plight on factory farms while using colourful friendly animals to introduce vegetarianism and veganism to children.  Minimizing or eliminating animal proteins in your diet will greatly impact our planet in a positive manner.  Check out this fascinating YouTube with Michael Pollan the author of  The Omnivore’s Dilemma who will make you want to read his book.


Below is another lovely book that is very inspiring by Sheherazade Goldsmith, A Slice of Organic LifeWhat I love about this book is the real back to basics, back to the farm kind of ideas that all make sense.  Things that in our modern busy hectic city lives we have forgotten.  Things that are important for living harmoniously with nature and treating our planet with care and in turn providing our families with healthier options.  Simple ideas like planting an apple tree in a pot (you can choose one with small root stock) or figs-yum, bake bread- good old fashioned healthy additive free bread, grow and dry your own herbs, start a compost-even on your apt balcony, collect rain water, garden w/o pesticides. All these great ideas used to be everyday activities.  It’s what the generations before us did everyday. 





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