Why Alkaline and not just vegetarian or vegan?

by Julie on January 14, 2010

To eliminate disease is the reason! Can you imagine feeling confident that you could completely avoid disease?  It is possible-take a gander!

When I converse with vegetarians or vegans it is interesting how many of them still suffer from illnesses such as crohns disease or diabetes even cancer and have regular bouts of colds and flues.  Talk with an alkavorian and all these ailments are virtually non-existent.  Why is an alkaline diet sooooo much more effective in eliminating disease?  It is simple.  Consume a high ratio of foods that are clean & alive with energy (veggies & sprouts) and take out all the things in ones diet that rot and ferment inside the body and you have a perfect environment for regenerating brand new healthy cells that will take over and reverse the damage that cancer and other terrible diseases like coronary disease, diabetes and strokes that are the leading killers in 95% of all deaths these days.  I find it astonishing to over hear conversation after conversation in the grocery store, the airport or coffee shops of people sharing concern for themselves or a loved one who is plagued with ailments of one or more of the many debilitating diseases that most North Americans are suffering and dying from. These overheard discussions always include the drug, medication or surgery scenarios and dilemnas.   I want to shout “STTOOOOOOPPPPP” from the top of my lungs and tell them that the suffering is unneccesary and teach them how to be healthy again.  It IS possible! I am living proof and thousands of people have changed their destiny by adopting a healthy alkaline lifestyle and in turn, vastly extending their stay on this planet by perhaps doubling their life span!  We have become accustomed to thinking that we should retire at 55 or 65 and that declining health should be expected by say 45 or 50.  We attribute such things as poor eyesight, creaky bones, weight gain, memory loss etc. to ” getting old”.  This is so deeply engrained in our thinking that people look at me like I am a crazy woman when I say that we don’t need to fade so young.  Don’t you want to live a longer vibrant life?  Well…. after reading John Robbin’s book “Healthy at 100” it certainly reinforced my beliefs on health and diet.  Robbins writes of incredible examples of great grand parents who are 100 years old still enjoying  a good game of soccer with their great grand kids – they aren’t watching the game they are the center forward on the team!!  Our health wasn’t meant to disintegrate.  Living with a healthy vibrant body for the duration of our time on this planet was our creators plan.  When our body has been well used it will quickly throw in the towel, not offer years or decades of agony as it falls apart leaving it’s owner to deal with the ailments, discomforts and the inability to enjoy life as it degenerates.  This was not the plan.

So this is why an alkaline lifestyle is an empowering choice over just being a vegan or a vegetarian although I do recognize that vegan or vegetarian diets are far superior than typical meat eating diets, they could use a little tweaking to optimize ones health.  What defines an alkaline diet is the next question I am sure you are wondering, right?  To put it simply, it involves eating a whole lot more vegetables which are the main source of alkaline foods and eliminating the things that ferment and rot in our bodies.  As this blog grows I will share and educate optimal ways to alkalize your body.  As Dr Robert O. Young says, “Our bodies become infested with certain bugs that feed off us and we are hosting a parasite party!”  Most everyone suffers from this in some way and for some it is out of control and causing massive disease that is killing them.  Foods that ferment include yeasts, fungus and molds that many people eat regularly in the form of vinegars, soy sauces, mushrooms, meats, aged cheeses, breads, miso, even nutritional yeast to point out just a few.  These foods that become toxins inside our bodies need to be eliminated from our bodies and our diet for optimal health.  Optimally 70-80% of your intake should be vegetables and raw for that matter if possible.  The other 20-30% can be an assortment of whole grains, proteins like soy beans, fish, white meats, hemp protein, healthy oils, nuts & seeds etc (with the least focus on animal products keeping them around only 5% of your intake or eliminating them altogether).  Think like a hunter & a gatherer, food that is simple, clean unprocesssed.

Do you suffer from stress at all?   Hmmmm who doesn’t these days!  I recognize that one can eat a perfectly alkaline diet and yet still struggle with health issues if you do not have a healthy mind and healthy way to deal with stress in your life.  Stress alone causes an acidic reaction in your body and could be the sole cause of cancer or sudden death if it is extreme.  This may seem outlandish to declare but it is possible.  Our environment also plays a major role in our well being and by adopting a healthy alkaline environment where one eliminates all toxins in the home (cleaners, carpets, mattresses with emissions, air fresheners etc) and limits exposure to toxins in our world (exhaust, paint fumes, gas fumes, pesticides etc)  you can truly avoid most illnesses.  It is nearly impossible to completely avoid everything since even the rain can even be toxic for us but knowing how to counter balance this with diet along with ways to eliminate these toxins from your body is incredibly empowering.

This may all seem very daunting to achieve, don’t you think?  What I have noticed is this.  The ability to embrace the desire to live a long, healthy and vibrant life, while thoroughly understanding that this is only possible by eating a healthy diet and living a healthy lifestyle, “must be a burning desire” for one to find success in this lifestyle adjustment and commitment.  With a strong desire for health one can slowly engage in this lifestyle by adjusting over a period of months to this way of eating and living or one can just decide that they are done with the health issues they are experiencing (the pain is bad enough to motivate dramatic change) that they go cold turkey to doing a thorough cleanse and begin eating 80% alkaline foods forever and eliminating toxins in their world.  This is what I did and I have never looked back. My health is 200% better that it was 1 1/2 years ago and so is that of my families.  We have a completely different perspective on food and the environment and even my 4 year old knows about eliminating toxins from her body if she has the very occasional piece of candy- I love it when she says “Mama is this have toxins in it Mama?”  My passion is to share my experience, educate and enable as many people especially families as possible thru my writing of this blog while inspiring new healthy recipes for preparing meals and healthy habits for an alkaline way of living that will reward you with a longer and richer experience on this planet.  My sister and I promise to make this our priority.  She is the support for the site, the marketing expert and “taster extraordinaire” where I plan to be the writer, photographer and recipe creator.  Our journey starts here with YOU the reader and we hope that you become inspired to heal yourself and share our message to heal the people.

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