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by Julie on March 9, 2016

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I have to admit that I’m not exactly a light packer and my husband will whole heartedly agree especially when he’s the one lifting my bag!  But this time I’m responsible for my own bag as I’ll be traveling alone as I head off on the 2nd leg of my Book Launch tour to Toronto. I may need to lift some extra weights and build up some extra muscle strength so I can still bring my favourite travel necessities – or leave out a few pairs of shoes…they’re usually the heavy items!

I’m all for sacrificing a a pair of shoes so that I can bring a few of my comforts from home.

Fresh Room Ideas & Travel Comforts

• essential oils- I like to have something to freshen up my room especially lavender and mint oils

• pashmina-I wish every hotel room had a cozy throw but many don’t so this doubles as a blanket on the plane and a cozy wrap in my room

• fresh flowers…you probably think I’m crazy!  I don’t actually pack them but if I end up at the grocery store during my travels you’ll find me picking up a wee bunch of posies for my room.  Wouldn’t it be just amazing if hotel rooms actually had fresh flowers in them or maybe even a plant that cleansed the air? I know I would pay a teeny bit more for this.

Feel Good Stuff

• thin travel yoga mat- if I’m gone long enough this is great for morning yoga rituals but if you call ahead they may have a gym in the hotel where you can work out or they may have yoga mats if you don’t mind practicing down there but they might even let you bring it to your room!  We’ve once had a room where they supplied yoga mats in the closet, sooo cool! In a pinch use a couple towels as a mat if you can’t bring your own mat with you.

• journal or note book- this is handy for schedules, notes and journalling your thoughts

• structured silver spray- for any minor first aid,  and doubles as a deodorizer for freshening up the room or disinfectant because it kills bacteria- it has a myriad of uses, you never know if it may come in handy!

For a Good Nights Sleep

• lavender sachet and or lavender oil- this makes me feel more at home.

• herbal tea-the perfect night cap!

• magnesium, I take this every night even at home to help induce sleep. When traveling it’s helpful to take it in the citrate form to help keep you regular if you know what I mean.  Sometimes we fall out of our typical digestive & elimination routine when traveling and magnesium citrate helps to keep things moving.

• and if it fits…I bring my own full sized contoured pillow or I have a smaller travel sized contour pillow.

• white noise app-this is handy if you find the city noisy. Just search apps and you’ll find a number of them to download.

These are the other things that make me happy when I am traveling.

travel essentials (1 of 1)


• my trusty Bullet blender goes everywhere with me!  It means that I can whip up some alkaline magic in the morning even if I don’t have a kitchenette.  What I’ve discovered is that most hotels offer a very typical North American breakfast, so I like to be prepared in order to start my day with the goodness that makes me feel energized vs feeling heavy and with sluggish digestion.

• lemons- I start my morning with lemon water so if I’m traveling domestic I’ll bring a few lemons along with a wee cutting board and a knife.

• protein smoothie mix – I like to pack my favourite protein smoothie mix

• I’ll even pop a couple avocados in my bag so that I can blend these in to the mix that just requires water if I am traveling domestic (fruit can’t pass thru the border). The avocado makes me love my smoothie so much more and keeps me more satiated!  Otherwise once I arrive I’ll search out a market close by and pick up avocados and lemons–I sometimes even add a bag of spinach to the list and toss that in the smoothie if I have a mini fridge in my room.  The avocado can even stand in for a quick snack if you have a tight daytime schedule.

• straws, call me crazy but i like my smoothie with a straw!

• my water bottle is mandatory throughout the day.

• a scrubber- so you can keep your water bottle clean esp if you add greens-nothing worse than a musty water bottle!

greens powder– I  usually add greens and lemon and even chia seed to my bottle to help balance and also feed me in a pinch between meals.

• chia seeds that also end up in my water bottle along with fresh lemon or become a chia porridge.If I can find some almond or coconut milk then this is an option.  Sometimes I bring a pumpkin pie spice mix to jazz up the porridge along with my stevia drops. This way you can order a small side of berries and even add some of your trail mix and voila you have a fabulous breakfast!

• my alka stick will mineralize my water (not pictured). If we travel as a family for a week or more we bring our Santevia jug (it fits in the kids bag!) and filter our own water. If I have to buy water as in the airport I choose the most alkaline one I can find as in Figi or Evian or sometimes I can even find a bottled alkaline water!  I’m addicted to good water. In a total pinch if you have to drink regular tap from your room you can pour it and leave it out over night and the chlorine will evaporate and then just add lemon to it This will dramatically improve it.

• trail mix- handy for snacking in a pinch before presentations to keep me going


• multi-vitamin to top up my nutrient intake as I may not find as many veggies as I would like to enjoy while I’m away

• enzymes – for keeping my digestion strong

• shelf stable probiotics for long vacations or tropical escapes

• alkaline mineral salts, to keep me balanced while I’m on the road

• antioxidants- travel is stressful on the body but why let it leave you feeling out of balance.  A good quality antioxidant like resveratol or even just a good dose of Vitamin C will do the trick

• omega 3 supplements (not pictured)

travel essentials (1 of 1)

Believe it or not there’s still room for my wardrobe once all these are in the suitcase.  It seems like a lot but it’s all pretty small compact stuff especially if you pop your supplements into a dispenser or ziplocs to save bringing the bottles. And it makes all the difference to my feeling great when I’m away so it’s worth the space it takes up in my suitcase.

Well….. off I go to the big city! I’m so excited to be sharing my book with the world! You have no idea!!

Wish me luck on my Canada Am segment on Thursday, March 11th at 7:40am Toronto time.  And you can watch for me on Global TV Toronto on Friday March 12th at 9:10.  If you listen to Radio thru the day maybe tune in to my talk on Sirius XM What She Said at 10am on Thursday, March 11th.  I’ll try to post the on-line links when I get a chance.

Let me know if you caught any of these, would love to hear from you!

Happy Alkalizing!

Your Alkaline Sister,



ps. I’ll be announcing the book winners once I am home as my schedule is crazy busy!

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