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August 2011

Raw Muesli of Fresh Fig, Cucumber & Gingered Buckwheat–Breakfast or Dessert? You decide!

If you’ve never had a fresh fig, you’re not alone.  Dried yes, but fresh, not so common, at not least in my neck of the woods.  Just the other day I had to do a quick u-turn when I saw the roadside stand for “Fresh Figs, picked today”.  These gorgeous, organic, plump, juicy, gems were […]

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Blueberry, Basil and Nasturtium Salad–The flavours of Summer!

Oh summer…. I wish you would never leave for the delightful tasty produce you nurture makes me soooo happy!–and so does the sunshine!  I’m back from our family RV trip to the interior of BC, which was blast! The kids enjoyed the experience and met friends in the campsites and hubby and I were able […]

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National Green Smoothie Day & 10 Reasons to Drink Green Smoothies

Well Good Day!  It’s time to celebrate the Green Smoothie!  International Green Smoothie Day is Monday, August 15th.  Who would have ever guessed that there could be an official day for nourishing our bodies with a blended green concoction?  It’s the age of the internet–health gurus and social media–where word travels fast and furious and […]

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Dairy Free Cherry, Coconut & Avocado Ice Cream

I hope you don’t mind that I’ve posted two dessert recipes in a row but I couldn’t help it since these gorgeous fruits are in their prime and one must capture the moment, since we won’t see them this fresh and abundant again, until next year.   It’s also a really great excuse to indulge in […]

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