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December 2010

Joy in a Cup- delicious raw chocolate pudding!

Oh when it snows, how pretty it is.  All I wish for is to stay snuggled in my cozy jammies and curl up by the fire.  And when it snows at Christmas time, even better, don’t you say?  In my home town we seldom have this wish come true.  The snow is usually only here […]

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Mediterranean Layered Dip for Entertaining-Happy Holidays!

With Christmas only mere hours away and holiday gatherings to host or attend through New Years, it’s nice to have a delicious, hearty, yet healthy recipe up your sleeve.  Many of the layered dips I’ve had over the years are arranged beautifully but often have undesirable dairy or mayonnaise fillings.  This tasty version replaces the […]

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Raw Chocolate Truffles-to die for! Still time to make treats for gifts!

“Life is like a box of chocolates……you never know what you’re gonna get!”  Unless….. you make them yourself!  And it’s pretty darn simple to make them.  Best part is that you know the ingredients are pure and simple without unwanted additives and excessive bad sugars.  I’ve shared these with family and friends and the verdict […]

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Vegan Crunchy Thai Green Salad–Eating Healthy thru Christmas-or Not?

With Christmas nearing and all of the wonderfully tempting goodies that go along with the season, I thought we could talk about how to eat leading up to the big day and how to zig and zag with out ending up sick 2 weeks afterward in January like a large percentage of the population.  So…. […]

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Raw Blueberry & Ginger Pudding for Breakfast or Dessert! and Eating Super Clean-What’s in My fridge & pantry?

Do you ever have days where you want something that tastes indulgent but you want to be mindful of what that is cuz you know you are in the mood for a bit of a binge but you don’t want it to happen? I have become so conscious of what I eat, avoiding unhealthy foods, […]

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