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January 2010

Why do people often fall off the wagon when they change their diet?

Hi Alkaline Sisters What made you stick with this lifestyle and really adapt to the alkaline way?  I have tried many different approaches to getting “healthier or losing weight” and it works for some time and then I fall off the wagon. Can you share? Kelly Hi Kelly The most profound realization that Yvonne and […]

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My Favourite healthy breakfast

It’s funny how for years I thought I needed coffee and a muffin for breakfast- it was my ilixer to have a latte.  Can you relate?  This was my biggest fear of eating alkaline — missing my oh, so, yummy dairy lattes!  Well….Guess what?  I survived!  I more than survived!  I got beyond the whole […]

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Grilled Vegetable Pesto Pasta

If you need to feed a large group this is a winning recipe that pleases a crowd and is easy to prepare ahead and then serve at room temperature.  You might also just prep the pesto and the veggies and grill with your friends around the BBQ and then toss with cooked pasta and pesto.  […]

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Why Alkaline and not just vegetarian or vegan?

To eliminate disease is the reason! Can you imagine feeling confident that you could completely avoid disease?  It is possible-take a gander! When I converse with vegetarians or vegans it is interesting how many of them still suffer from illnesses such as crohns disease or diabetes even cancer and have regular bouts of colds and […]

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