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Wandering Inspirations

Braised Turnips, Mindfulness & Island Adventures

What makes you feel giddy inside? Is there a hobby or a passion of yours that really gets you jazzed or that sends you right to your happy place?  Throughout my life I have explored a number of creative areas but right now the one that truly brings me joy is being behind my camera […]

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Apple Season, Apple Festival, Apple Tart, Yum!

As much as I am a spring gal thru and thru I’m still sooo excited about the wonderful autumn colours and the abundance of the delicious seasonal produce. Who can resist a crisp bright sweet but slightly tart apple picked right from the tree?  It sparks fond memories of my childhood when we had a […]

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Banana, Date & Coconut Raw Icecream & Spring Flowers!

When easy, no fuss, healthy ice cream tastes this friggin’ good there is No excuse for buying the nasty stuff that hurts our bodies!  Even my kids agree that this is mama mia great tasting yumminess!  And really… it’s a cinch to make!  Wanna know the secret ingredient? Ready….frozen bananas!  That’s it, plus a few […]

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Simple Snack of Berries and Almond Butter-A Photography Camp

I’m soooo sorry I missed being here last week.  I had every intention of posting a recipe for you but somehow life happened.  With plans for a weekend photography camp 3 flights from my home somehow I wasn’t as prepared as I thought I was to leave my family at home.  So the post was […]

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Creamy Avocado Breakfast Juice & Highlights of Orlando Food Blog Forum & Decorate Book Launch in London

Every now and again us blogger types decide to indulge ourselves and our passions by taking the liberty-cuz we can- and spill everything on this endlessly scrolling page.  Today happens to be one of those days!  Lucky for you or…. maybe not!  If you are short on time, do take in the yummy healthy recipe […]

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Cozy Raw Veggie Soup w/ Peas, Carrots, Ginger & Cilantro-Conscious Eating is Life Changing!

November is starting to feel more and more like winter.  Gloves cover our fingers and knitted hats adorn.  After a nice walk our cheeks are rosy and our tummies ready for a warm, healthy, energizing bowl of soup.  Don’t you love a good bowl of soup on a cool autumn day? I’ve been experimenting with […]

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Moroccon Eggplant Dip w/ Cumin Dusted Sprouted Grain Tortillas & Marrakesh Travel Highlights

Wow, what a wonderful trip! How lucky am I? I had to pinch myself a few times, Marrakesh was so amazing! I mean meeting Holly of Decor8 and Maryam of My Marrakesh at her gorgeous Peacock Pavilions boutique hotel, my word! It was definitely a week to remember filled with inspiration, from all the friendly […]

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Entertaining Alkaline Style – Lemon Pesto Salmon, Cashew Ceasar, Broccolini Chop

Today marks the first post of our new monthly column Entertaining Alkaline Style.  I am so excited to share the photos of our last healthy feast!  I love to cook especially for a crowd who appreciate healthy yummy food.  My favourite part of entertaining is setting the table–so much so, that sometimes I even do […]

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Eco Living is Alkalizing-Celebrate Earth Day

In celebration of Earth Day coming up this thursday April 22nd I would love to share how choosing to be more conscious of our environment can be incredibly alkalizing for your body.  About 2 years ago I made a conscious effort to eliminate harsh cleaners, iffy plastics, non-organic produce, pesticides, non-voc paints, off gassing items […]

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Following your Passion Alkalizes your body

There’s nothing that will create more acidity in your body than stress.  And stress that is present everyday is the worst kind as it doesn’t allow your body any recovery time.  This is a recipe for disaster–terrible diseases can anchor themselves within the body making it difficult to reverse them.  Wouldn’t you think that disliking […]

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