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Julienne of Apple, Parsnip & Celeriac

The prettiness of Spring is what really inspires me in so many ways from the fresh citrus greens, soft pink blossoms, fresh air, crisp bright twinkling sunny days right down to spring pea shoots.  It’s a merging of seasonal produce with a few winter veggies still available and sprouting spring crops.  If my timing is […]

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Seeds, Nuts & Berries – Yummiest Chia Breakfast Porridge!

Here I go again…. obsessed with yet another yummy concoction that I have been eating almost daily since before Christmas when I did the candida cleanse-it’s perfectly candida friendly minus the berries!  I just can’t seem to get enough of this breakfast and I love how simple it is to whip up in the morning […]

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Raw Coconut Cream Pie ‘n Berries, A Valentines Treat! & Instagram Addiction

With Valentines day upon us once again I wanted to share a wonderfully delicious pie that is filled with love and healthy ingredients that you can shower upon the special people in your life.  It feeds a crowd–small pieces are recommended as it’s very coconutty and richly deeelish! -but not overly sweet at all.  You […]

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Savoy Cabbage Slaw w/ Papaya & Pomegranate-TV Segment & Interview

Many people crave comfort food in the mid of winter-is this you?? I do too, once in a while when it’s blustery out but lately, I’ve been craving more tropical flavours that take me to far off warmer climates-in my mind!  I’d love to be joining my girlfriend Karen Elgersma & her family on her […]

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Raw Green Veggie Soup w/ Cilantro & Avocado-What’s your 2012 Health Goal?

Yummm…… how delightfully fresh and welcoming is the flavour of healthy green organic veggies especially after a little zig and zag over the holidays combined with a lack of sleep!  It’s completely energizing and uplifting to dine on this pretty green soup knowing full well that it’s what my body is begging for.  I did […]

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Raw Chocolate Holiday Fudge w/Coconut, Gogi & Ginger

Oh my gosh by golly…. how is it nearly Christmas?  This fall has been action packed but somehow I can’t believe how quickly Christmas has arrived.  I’m now enjoying the start of a 3 week break from school and it feels soooo good to be able to set the books aside. Yeeehaaa!  Unfortunately, I have […]

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Tomato Basil stuffed Spaghetti Squash w/ Garlic Almond Cheeze-Weight loss with whole foods??

So here I go….obsessing yet again, over another vegetable dish…..spaghetti squash!  I’m sure I’ve dreamed of it since can’t stop wanting to make it for dinner…..all too often!  Spaghetti winter squash is so abundant right now and very comforting in the cool temperatures and it’s been a perfectly acceptable candida meal-bonus!!  It’s much less starchy […]

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Raw Cranberry Pie- to go! Digestion-How Is yours Right Now?

Every day that I meet someone that is keen to listen to some of the health wisdom that I have uncovered it’s the most inspiring experience.  It makes everything that I am doing right now including being away from my family each week so worthwhile.  I become even more driven in my studies, in learning […]

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Roasted Seasonal Veggies w/ Elephant Garlic Cream + a Soup! — Candida Cleanse & Update from This week at Nutrition School

First off, I’m sorry you had to wait so long for this next post, gosh, it’s tricky to manage a post some weeks with my school work load especially as a term ends with finals to study for and assignments due.  I know you completely understand but I hate to disappoint and make you wait.  […]

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Hearty Vegetable Soup w/ Quick, Easy Veggie Broth-What’s so bad about fruit juice?

It’s a pretty, bright, crisp autumn day, the kinda day that is cheery but demanding of a hearty colourful bowl of tasty vegetable soup, so that’s what I whipped up!  I think I’ve mentioned it before but I get a little insecure when I my fridge isn’t fully stocked with a WIDE variety of veggies.  […]

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