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Pumpkin Pie Smoothie & October in Victoria

This recipe bears repeating since it is my favourite seasonal smoothie evah!  When pumpkin season arrives all I can think about are the cozy flavours and the goodness packed into this scrumptious smoothie.  It’s my pumpkin pie in a glass!  I’ll be enjoying it all month as I plan my events about town since there […]

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Non-Fermented Vanilla Bean Young Coconut Yogurt w/ Strawberries – A Probiotic Perspective

Oh my friends, I miss you so!  This journey of sharing the alkaline lifestyle has taken on a whole new look!  It’s becoming more than I ever thought or imagined it could be.  I am so wishing I could have been here more lately as I really miss this place and all of you!  I’ve […]

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Warm Coconut Almond Nog and Nourishing Raw Cookie Dough

Brrrrrr……it’s cold outside!  All I can think of is snuggling by the fire with a warm creamy mug of goodness and a book that inspires me.  Add to that a yummy nibbly that will satisfies in more ways than one and life is good.  I fiddled with flavour and texture for this coconut almond nog […]

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White Chocolate Macaroon Bites – Happy Valentines Day

The prettiness of Valentines and all it’s pinks and ruby reds always inspires me to be creative especially when I have the camera in my hand.  Today I unearthed some of my pretties and had fun playing with them to bring you some inspiration.  And of course there’s a tasty recipe to go with it!  […]

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Marinated Kale w/ Roasted Veggies & Some Fabulous News!

Well…. you caught me today with a project on my hands!  And as you know once you get knee deep into something it’s hard to want to stop and eat something nutritious. Today I went scrambling into the fridge and served up this delicious lunch in seconds flat.  You guessed it, right?  Left overs!  I […]

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Super Salad for a New Year – Detox Demystified

The beginning of a new year always sparks enthusiasm for new habits, fresh goals and great ideas.  I’m hoping that you might be reading this with an interest to give your body a fresh clean start for 2013 cuz inspiring You is one of my 2013 goals!  If it takes the arrival of a new […]

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Lavender Almond Milk & A Miracle

Have you ever experienced a serious near miss?  A near miss that could have caused you terrible harm or harm to your loved ones.  Well, it happened to me just two weeks ago, my first ever serious near miss.  My kids and I experienced a true miracle where we were involved in a serious car […]

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Raw Veggie Chard Wrap with Ancho Chili Dip–The Balancing Act of Alkalizing Daily

So, I know this chard wrap idea isn’t rocket science nor is it original but the dip….oh mee oh my!  The thing is if you are going to eat a bunch of regular old veggies why not jazz ’em up so you love ’em even more!  That’s my idea of a great veggie recipe. Sure, […]

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Zuni Beans w/ Roasted Tomatoes & Leeks– I’m Back!!

I had no intentions of being absent from here for so long but one thing led to another and next thing you know October arrived.  I’ve been fully occupied from the moment I completed my last class to now catching up on lost time with my young family, partaking in this photography and food styling […]

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Minted Pea & Fava Bean Salad

She’s alive, she’s alive!  I didn’t disappear for good, just been buried deep beneath my textbooks, highlighters and 3 hole punched note pads with assignments comin’ out the ying yang!  Only 3 weeks to go, yeehaaa!  Phew….. I can’t believe it’s been 10 months since I began my studies in Holistic Nutrition.  I had high […]

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