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Hi Alkaline Sisters

What made you stick with this lifestyle and really adapt to the alkaline way?  I have tried many different approaches to getting “healthier or losing weight” and it works for some time and then I fall off the wagon. Can you share?

Hi Kelly

The most profound realization that Yvonne and I both experienced is the knowledge.  Knowledge is power.  Power is control.  We have become very much in control of what we choose to eat based on our thorough study and understanding of how food technically effects our bodies and what it does to our physical, emotional and mental well being.  We have also studied modern food extensively with the grim realization that most food is poisonous for our systems.  90% of every grocery store is comprised of processed food.  The produce section is even filled with toxic vegetables that are coated with pesticides or are perhaps GMO.  Our world has become a place where many of us have been accustomed to thinking that this stuff is all edible and it won’t harm us if we eat it.  And secondly, we are so filled with toxins that our bodies are like a garbage dump.  My analogy goes like this.  Imagine a brand new garbage dump is beginning and it will be on a nice patch of grass.  Notice how obvious the first trash dump looks, it mars the pretty fresh green grass, kinda smells and you want to clean it up.  Well, check it out 5 years later, when a new load of trash is dumped for the day- can you notice it? do you notice the smell? are you just accustomed to always smelling the smell so you can’t really smell it?  Well our bodies have become this way- so full of toxins that when we drink a few cokes we don’t really notice the effect-yet if I drank a coke with this squeaky clean alkaline body (like the first load of trash) within an hour I notice it–my nose is dripping clear fluid and I may be sneezing as it pushes out the intense toxins that I just ingested.  (Have you ever sneezed immediately upon drinking or eating something- this is a sign you shouldn’t have it).  This is a perfect healthy response as my body is working in the most optimal way with all it’s discharge functions in top working order to eliminate toxins.  Most of us do not have optimally functioning discharge functions, some are not even emptying their colon daily (this is a recipe for disaster- cancer, big time as optimum functioning is 2x daily) and the toxins don’t try to escape until a raging fever is present and green glump is caught in our throats.  This may be happening to ones body on a regular basis in attempt to empty the overflowing toxin bucket in the body but we take a decongestant and shove all the toxins right back in or better yet we take highly acidic prescription drugs to try to “quick fix” it instead of changing our diet to quickly cleanse the body.   Beyond these symtoms one may suddenly be facing serious cancer that just seemed to appear from nowhere cuz you were healthy-or so one thought- ooops… the garbage dump was sooo toxic that the symptoms were masked and individually considered minor things or they were ignored.  I tell ya, I have been here before.  I was so out of tune with my body that I hardly noticed if I missed a day in the washroom. I was highly acidic and overly toxic and never even knew, yet I was in pain. Hmmmmm.    It happens.  Soooo…..where was I, back to the knowledge.  Once we really understood our bodies and what it takes to have a healthy body and then understood what food would make it function optimally, did we really become empowered to choose to committ to an alkaline lifestyle that would stick forever.  There is no going back, never.  It isn’t even a consideration.  We know tooooo much now and we have the feeling.  The addictive feeling of energy and vibrancy and the conscious comfort of knowing we are doing the best we possibly can for our bodies, our families and our planet.  How great does it feel?  It feels fricken fabulous!!  I hope this helps Kelly, and I promise to be here to support you and share and educate so that perhaps this will be the last lifestyle adjustment you ever make:)


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