As recorded by The Statement for Health Professionals by the Committee on Exercise and Cardiac Rehabilitation of the Council on Clinical Cardiology, American Heart Association, exercise can help control blood lipid abnormalities, diabetes, and obesity. In addition, aerobic exercise adds an independent blood pressure–lowering effect. In general, we are all more than aware of the many benefits that regular exercise can contribute to our overall well being.

When we think of exercise, one imagines going to the gym and sweating our brains out on a stair master or tread mill for an hour and suffering for days afterward from over doing it. This kind of work outs doesn’t make you want to return and repeat the pain for days making it very difficult to get the motivation back to return to the gym…

I hate working out. I personally hate sweating and the thought of the gym… but, I have had an annual membership since 1989, and I hate to quit paying the $8.- a month fee as it is so cheap. My thought is that if I stop paying, it’s an admission that I am not going to exercise… so I keep it current. I fool myself into thinking I will go next month or when I have time. I think I have only been to that gym maybe 10-20 times in the 20 years I have had the membership. It’s hard to swallow, but true.

On the other hand, I love to have fun. I run around with my dog, I play soccer with my children, I hike through nearby parks, I ride horses with my daughter and take weekly lessons, I walk daily… I actually do a reasonable amount of exercise when I think about it. I also have a rebounder I bounce on for 10 minutes a day, and on occasion, I have fun with my Wii fit.

Exercise doesn’t have to be hard. As long a you are getting out there and moving every day and getting some anaerobic exercise daily, it can easily be worked into your life.

Ideally, you should aim for some form of cardiovascular exercise that gets your heart rate up for about 20 minutes a day. If that is playing with your dog, power walking with a friend, going for a bike ride with your children, dancing at a club – without the booze, or a run around your neighborhood, that is all you need. If you have time for a fitness program, there are lots of fun classes you can attend, such as jazzersize – dancing to music, kick boxing, boot camps that will kick your butt or private fitness instructors that are always grateful to help with a routine.

Whatever the program maybe, everyone needs to have exercise in their life. You need to get off the couch and move! End of story.

Alkaline Sister Yvonne

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